That’s it, No More Running!

So I went out for my run today. And I came back with my leg covered in blood.


Yup. Aside from blisters, running has never made me bleed. Until today, that is. I have this weird thing where when I’m tired my ankle turns in a little bit and this time I just took a dive.

I hobbled home and you know how everyone tells you about the “running community” and how they’re so nice and warm and caring? Yeah. Not a single runner on this busy trail even asked if I was okay. Not one. The only acknowledgement was some bitchy chick running with her friend who said, “ew, that is so gross” and pointed to my leg. She’s lucky I didn’t have the energy to hobble over and slap her with my bloody hand.

As I walked home, I had the first ever moment where I kinda wished I still lived at home. Kinda. It was fleeting and swear to god it passed really quickly but… I’ll be damned if I didn’t wish I could hobble home (or, god willing, call my mom to pick me up!) and have her totally take care of it for me. ‘Cause you know, at home you have things like band aids and creams and, if it’s a really bad boo boo maybe an ice cream and I can guilt my dad into giving me the tv remote so I can put on lifetime…

Yeah. It was pretty bad. My mindset, not the actually injury. Then it all came flooding back to me that the care came at a price that was a lot more than it would cost me to hobble to CVS and get myself some band aids like, you know, a grown up. My mother was completely nonchalant about the whole thing, in fact, even with a picture, and I was starting to feel like she didn’t care at all.

And then, before she hung up the phone, her parting words to me were, “No more running, you dope.” And I couldn’t help it, I smiled because that’s what she sounds like when she cares and now that I live 180+ miles away I can just hang up the phone and ignore her…

Some suggestions I received about first aid while running:

  • Socks make great bandages
  • Keep some antiseptic wipes and/or band aids with you
  • Don’t get injured
  • Your phone

What suggestions do you have for cleaning yourself up after a fall? Or do you prefer to just go ahead with with your leg and hands covered in blood and make it look like you’re totally cool with it and not internally crying, “I want my mommy”?


7 thoughts on “That’s it, No More Running!

  1. Ouch! Sorry that happened, heal quickly – and keep running! (once its all better.) I carry a tiny first aid kit in my bigger running pack for when I am on trails, because that’s where I trip more often. Haha.

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