You Know You’re With a Runner…

When they’re very well acquainted with the anatomy of the human body.

As long as it’s below the hip flexors.

And if it’s above the hip, you’re getting nothing more specific than “core,” unless someone’s having GI problems and then everyone needs to talk about it. In detail.


5 thoughts on “You Know You’re With a Runner…

  1. They say that girls are not suppose to talk about bowel movements.
    “Girl’s just don’t do that.”
    Runners talk about it like one would discuss the weather or the latest gadget….
    Now, As a girl runner, am I allowed to talk about it or not? I’m so confused.

    • By all means, participate. If you’re not ready to talk about your own, you are completely free to discuss other people’s and it’s considered totally normal to discuss pre-race routines and how your long run fits in with your bathroom routine. This openness about bowel movements etc. is further reinforced by runners’ willingness to go outdoors. There is no shame.

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