Guide to Hot Weather Running: Pineapples Under the Sea

Untitled ImageI would just like to state clearly and unequivocally that I love my visor more than anything else in my running wardrobe right now and it was the best thing I ever bought in my whole entire life second only to my Sparkletech.

In this installment, we talk about something you need to realize about hot weather running: It’s hot. Yes, Runner’s World recently caught on to the fact that even when the temperature itself isn’t that high, the humidity can actually be playing a brutal, disgusting, cruel trick on us and our psyche. Exhibit A: weather

So, something that you should keep in mind while you’re running is that it’s hot. And unlike in the winter, when you stop running, it’s still hot. Today I ran in basically identical conditions to those pictured above and I was amazed at how even when I stopped running, I wasn’t really cooling off.

I was still f@#king hot.

If you’re desperate like me, you might be asking, so what do I do aside from get on a treadmill in a gym that may or may not give me a gross nasty fungus? (Because that’s a thing that really happened to my cousin. True story.)

Well, actually, there’s something I thought of while I was running in the heat and humidity with only my own sweat and the sound of my interior monologue whining to keep me company. It hit me like a ton of bricks as I thought back to the marathon. Of course! It was so simple! Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 9.14.23 PM

A sponge! I took one out with me to run. I filled it with water, gave it a squeeze and stuck in the freezer the night before and put it in a plastic baggy. At first, I put it in the shorts pocket of my skirt, but then by the end of the run it felt so good I just stuck in the back of my sports bra. I was so sweaty and disgusting already the cool water felt wonderful and I didn’t care if my shirt got wet.

During the marathon, I just carried it with me and refilled it at the water stations. Half the cup in my mouth, the rest on the sponge. It felt great to just wipe it across my face and I’m telling you, this is not something you need to leave to mile 17 at the Walt Disney World marathon. You can legitimately use it to get you through runs when it’s 94 degrees out and you just need to freaking get your miles before you fall over and die.


3 thoughts on “Guide to Hot Weather Running: Pineapples Under the Sea

  1. Only 94? Ha. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But yeah, I agree that the worst part is when you stop, you don’t cool off at all. I have to sit in my living room for like 30 minutes before I take a shower–otherwise I just start sweating again when I get out.

    I like the sponge idea. Of course, if I froze a sponge, I think it would probably melt completely in the first 10 minutes. But I always have a towel with me, and I’ve definitely poured water on it to help cool me off.

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