Best Intentions

I tried to be a good runner, today, really I did.

As I saw numerous runners out in Rock Creek park yesterday around 2:00pm when the thermostat was hovering in the mid to high 90s, I had conflicted feelings: cheering them on for their dedication and will to run, beating the heat and making it seem easy or not encouraging such terrible, irresponsible and potentially dangerous behavior.

Life’s full of tough choices, but as I hauled my butt out of bed at 5:45am on a Sunday I realized that dedication is getting up early to get the run in. No, really. Early risers: you get my undying admiration. After a week of what can only be described as the best runs I’ve had in a while, I was all set to tackle my long run feeling like this:poster-50

But you end up feeling like this: Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 4.07.50 PMIt was bound to happen, I was clocking 8 minute miles in my 3 miler the night before when it “felt like” 97 degrees at 7pm,and I’d been having such a good running week that naturally on the longest run of the week I’d crash and burn.

I’m definitely looking forward to the end of rowing. Let’s be honest, training is a commitment on a good day, and when I decided to do this rowing thing I really hadn’t realized just how difficult it is to pull this off. I need those mornings for runs, after which I’m a little tired to schlep around heavy boats and row for an hour and a half. And after rowing I’m a little tired to run, not to mention it’s gotten hot as hell outside.

And when I prioritize, I put running first, oddly enough. I know, I’ve gone batsh$t crazy. Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 5.20.40 PM


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