Two Words: Nordstrom Rack

IMG_1582If you’re looking to buy some workout clothing (or like, regular clothing I guess, but why would want that?) Nordstrom Rack is the most amazing store ever. No, EVER. I went in this weekend to see if I could pick up some shirts because I realized that when I run 5 days a week, I don’t necessarily have time to keep up with the laundry.

Now you might be thinking, why doesn’t she just do laundry more often so her tiny studio apartment doesn’t smell like fermented sweaty running clothes? I could, but where’s the fun in doing that? Exactly.

Normally, I’m a huge advocate of target shopping but seeing as how I have to take the metro to get to Target and on the weekends the metro is as reliable as a blind person leading you in traffic I tend to just skip it. I actually found that the Nordstrom Rack by me has comparably priced workout clothes–$9-$12 tank tops, pants for under $20 and skirts for $29,97 from Nike, Adidas, that random brand of workout clothing I’ve only ever seen in Marshalls/Nordstrom Rack/Loehmann’s.



Not everything is totally amazing, but if you’re looking to build a costume on a budget they’ve got some good stuff to offer that’s cheaper than buying from a running store and I’ve officially sworn off lululemon prices after a particularly fruitful trip there this weekend where I picked up the moving comfort momentum skort for $29.97 (no shorts ride up and ample pocket space!) and a couple of tank tops all for under $13. They also had the fancy, overpriced water bottles, fuel belts for under $20, and the usual yoga crap.

Listen, why pay full price for what you’re just going to sweat in? And plus, I now know by heart the price ranges of everything on the target clearance shelf so while I’m there I stock up on powercore leggings and shorts but Nordstrom Rack carries the skirts I can actually work out in without rubbing off the inside of my thighs (and by the way I love the momentum skort and am very sad to see that it is no longer sold…).


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