Television to Run to: Suits

Okay, you’re on the treadmill and you need a little motivation. Something to get you through the run so you start flipping through the channels and realize that the news puts you to sleep when you’re hopped up on caffeine, so you really don’t need something to bore while you’re already bored. Turns out, the benevolent gym people gave you the gift of USA and there’s the next best thing to an SVU marathon on: Suits.

Mike Ross is a liar–he got his job at a prestigious law firm because he has some kind of wonder mind that recalls everything and lies about graduating Harvard Law. And apparently passing the bar. Harvey, his ever sexy mentor with the chiseled jaw line takes him under his wing as an associate. While Harvey will make you feel disgusting in your gym clothes while he walks around impeccably dressed driving very expensive cars and leaves you thinking, “sure, he’s probably totally immature but better I date an immature guy with good taste than an immature guy who still uses milk crates to furnish his basement in his mom’s house” he will also simultaneously give you a reason to work out just a little bit harder if not to match his ambition than because the show proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you cannot be a woman, weigh more than 90 lbs AND work in a law office.

It’s not possible, just look at all the female DAs on Law & Order. Exactly.

But neither of these people are the star of the show. Enter Louis Litt.

He’s every jerk you ever knew wrapped up in one horrifying package and yet, he’s also perhaps the funniest person on the show. He tries so hard to be cool like Harvey, but you know he can’t because, hello, Harvey is not even as cool as Harvey. So he comes up with his own catchphrases. Before you know it, you’re releasing years of pent-up aggression by laughing at this guy because you couldn’t laugh at your boss who told you the government might be poisoning us and who really believes that Darwin guy anyway?

So the next time you’re on a treadmill or just out for a run and you feel like giving up, picture Louis’s face and hear his voice and keep on carrying on. Because sometimes you just need to get litt up you pathetic wimp. Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 10.22.03 PM

Feel free to actually print this out and put it on your treadmill or the brim of the hat you’re wearing.

What are you watching these days?

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