Savor it.

If everything else about this week sucked, I can say that the entire week was redeemed simply by the weather today. It was, in a single word, perfect. I wasn’t sweating like a pig just walking out a door and given how the summer’s been going I’m definitely putting that in the win column.

IMG_2217We take the little things where we can get them, and that’s a big part of summer running. If it’s nice outside, and by nice I mean tolerable and dare you think pleasant, you go for it. You go outside, you run, and you savor every last second. Perhaps end your run with a cruise along the Potomac on a Pirate ship. Sure, it’s no pirates of the Caribbean but still…

Regularly at work we eat lunch together, except we never eat lunch outside. Someone said to me, “I forgot to ask what happened to you at lunch today?” to which I responded, “Oh, yes, nature called and said, ‘hey, stupid, it’s really nice out right now and you spend all day in an office without windows so maybe you might wanna sit outside’ and I said, ‘you have a point’ so I sat outside.”

Yes, this is indeed how I talk with my co-workers. It’s just the way my brain works, I guess.

The one thing I will miss about summer, though, is the amazingly delicious cantaloupe a fruit that simply can’t be consumed out of season because it just doesn’t do it justice. Someone once said how nice it was of me to offer people candy from my desk, to which I responded, “they can have the candy, but the cantaloupe, that’s mine and much better.” Mmmm.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 9.59.10 PMWith July coming to an end, I’m both really looking forward to fall and starting to try and appreciate what won’t be around in the fall. But, honestly, pumpkin pie can help me forget about a lot of things and although I haven’t been to Sprinkles in months (yeah, that’s right, months) I’m planning on being there on September 6th for their new cupcake flavor.

“Bacon. Need we say more? Harnessing bacon’s unique umami taste, Sprinkles serves up our first savory cupcake. Thick, smoky bacon is baked to a crisp and woven into our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake. Topped with rich, buttery maple cream cheese frosting, you will be convinced that everything tastes better with Maple Bacon!”

First of all, they could leave off the cutesy, babe-looking pig on top. I don’t need to be reminded of the little porker who kicked the bucket for this cupcake. Second, I have my doubts about the flavor. I made a mean bacon cupcake that replaced some of the butter with bacon grease to give it a really bacon-y flavor, and this one I have my doubts about how bacon-y it will taste. Just reading it I’m thinking cloying sweet, not savory.

Anyway, enjoy the weather while it lasts–I know I sure am.


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