Say hello to my little friend

I think every runner who blogs has the obligatory “omg, I love my foam roller!” post where they say how they love their foam roller and simultaneously hate the thing.

download-2My foam roller is wonderful because it coordinates really well with my couch and rug, so when I just leave it out in the same spot for days (weeks… months…) on end without using it, it still looks incredibly nice and like it’s supposed to be there. The same with my handweights that I never use because looking at them is like lifting them, right? Look at how it blends right in!

Hip flexors move over, my quads are the new pain in town. So I’ve been breaking out the foam roller. I got this one for $10 on clearance at Target and I know there are some that look a little more like a medieval torture device and thus are probably even better but this goes with my couch so, you know, I’m happy.

After every run I stretch and foam roll.

In my head.

Or at least I plan on thinking about it.

I know I’m courting disaster with this incredibly bad behavior, but honestly by the time I shower, eat dinner and get through an episode of Charmed I’m like, so ready to just go to bed. I make time for the run, what more do you want from me hamstrings, IT band, quads, calves, and other muscles I’ve completely forgotten about?!

I don’t even think I can contort my body into some of those positions, so I’m really quite doubtful about how this whole endeavor would play out. I never even bother with yoga anymore, ever since I started upping my mileage, which is of course the exact opposite of what everyone tells you to do and hence why I can no longer bend over to pick something up without basically sitting down onto the floor.

Who’s a good, responsible stretcher and follows a routine for each run and will volunteer to stretch for both of us?


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