When runs get long or how I lost it at Starbucks

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 7.45.15 PMI lost it in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Crystal City on my long run today because their Starbucks was closed. No, seriously, I sat in a chair across from the Starbucks and just lost my shit like you wouldn’t believe. I got off the Mt. Vernon Trail because I just needed some water. They claim there are water fountains there somewhere and at that point I would’ve taken a water fountain that’s how desperate I was because I’m so stupid I run in the summer on a long run without water. Because the 5 ounces of diet pink lemonade I had for breakfast should hold me!

I started getting desperate about mile 5, right outside Reagan airport. I looked around at people picnicing and debated how quickly I could run away if I swiped one of their coolers. I hated the cyclists with their multiple bottles just strapped to their bikes and completely out of their way. Bastards.

Ultimately, I decided to run to the Crystal City exit on the trail and see if I could find a Starbucks or something. They’ll always give you a free cup of water if you ask nicely where they hand out the drinks. Awesome. All I need is a Starbucks, and those are everywhere. So when I finally found a sign for one I was all, “OMG!!! STARBUCKS!!!” It was the fastest I ran all day. Photos of cool, refreshing drinks with that telltale condensation were all over the lobby. I didn’t even mind that it was on the second floor, I hauled my butt up the stairs.

Only to be greeted by a gated entrance.

The Starbucks in question.

The Starbucks in question.

“How is a Starbucks closed AT 3 IN THE AFTERNOON ON A SATURDAY?! WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?!” The rage quickly became despair as I just sat my sweaty ass on the couch in the lobby and felt the tears burning their way to my eyes but I was so sweaty you wouldn’t have even really been able to tell if they were coming out. I sat there for a good 10 minutes just staring at the closed coffee place.

Then I headed out armed with my iphone and a sense of self-righteous indignation because like hell was I paying $2.19 for the water in their gift shop! I’ll die of dehydration, first!

There was another one only a few blocks away in the Crystal City shops, a labyrinth of tacky stores that are always having clearance sales or going out of business sales and sell brands you’ve never really heard of before and they have a Starbucks! Mind you, everything around here is desolate. So desolate that there was  guy doing speed drills in the street because there no cars just a quincenera taking pictures in a park across the street.

IMG_2231Would you believe my luck? It had just closed. The lights were still on and the people still inside. I was all set to start grabbing hold of the gates and just shaking them screaming, “WATER” as loudly as possible when I decided on something a little more practical. A very nice woman at Potbelly gave me a plastic cup for water and told me to “knock myself out.” 40 ounces later I was set.

I took the Metro back to DC and resumed the last 4 miles of my long run to bring it to 12 miles total. Retrospectively, it’s a good thing I did because there was a decent thunderstorm coming and I had left all my windows open.

It was downright painful. I’m cranky and tired, an effect that took much longer to develop when I started marathon training last year. Is it the weather? the extra mileage? the slowdown in pace that I’ve noticed and agonized over? Is it rowing? Only one more weekend dedicated to rowing, and I need to seriously assess what I’m going to do about the fall, when the mileage really starts adding up.

How was everyone else’s long run?




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