Dopey Update

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 11.32.25 AMIt’s official, after a few phone calls with Central Reservations at Disney World, I managed to secure a discount for January with my very own special pin code. 30% off a Deluxe hotel and after consulting with my sister we decided it was time to return to our original favorite…

The Polynesian!

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 11.50.54 AMI was having some bad experiences with the reservations hotline and inaccurate information and lack of applying discounts when they said they were giving me the AAA rate so I sent Disney an email, spoke with a great girl, and now have the discounted room I’ve always wanted. Last time we were at the Polynesian as guests and not just moochers was in 2008, we were upgraded for free to a concierge level room and there was no going back. This was the trip that started it all, that prompted us to plan a return the second Sunday in January during marathon weekend and well… The rest is history. Really expensive, sometimes physically painful, history.

Kona Cafe... Where dessert dreams come true.

Kona Cafe… Where dessert dreams come true.

Yes, there is the Marine Corps Marathon long before there’s Dopey but let’s be honest… Marine Corps means taking the Metro and running around DC and Virginia. I already do that on a regular basis. So assuming my long runs shift from craptastic to fantastic at some point, I think of it as more another training run for Dopey. Where I have to run but I get to do it in conjunction with going to my most favorite place ever and staying at a well themed hotel.

One important factor in deciding where to stay at Disney World is not just convenience in terms of getting to your favorite park or overall theme, even though those things are incredibly important. No, more important is that you must ask yourself: where do I want to eat?

And the Kona Cafe has my absolute favorite assortment of desserts. From the Kona cone on the right to the pineapple upside down cake to the banana and chocolate creme brulee… I could go here and just eat dessert. And the bread pudding at ‘Ohana is also delicious.

And there’s the monorail and I’ve heard that that’s really convenient for marathon weekend but mostly who needs to get their sugar from shot blocks when there’s perfectly delicious pineapple upside down cake available? I mean, really.


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