Happy Birthday

Ah, it’s one year since I first started bitching in a blog… Seems like just yesterday.

In the lIMG_1282ast year, I’ve gotten myself a full time job that actually lets me live on my own and have things like health insurance and a retirement plan. Go me.

I moved to DC.

I finished my first marathon. That was pretty cool.

I’m already scheduled to do three more marathons over the next 18 months.

Hey, I’m still running. No one saw that one coming.

IMG_1726I’m really close to doing a legitimate push up. Like, really close.

I’m less flexible than I was a year ago, just see me try to do downward dog.

I miss having a pet and am seriously considering becoming a crazy cat lady who pushes her cat in a jogging stroller on long runs.

I came in third in my age group at a 5k. Yeah, that’s right, just call me speedy.

saucony-sideI’ve transitioned from Saucony Triumph sneakers to Mizuno Wave Rider 16s. I’m trendy now.

I did a group run. And I didn’t die from embarrassment and/or shame regarding my pace. Win.

I did my first ever under 8 minute mile. I did my first ever under 9 minute mile.

IMG_1759I’m getting closer to doing a sub-2:00 half marathon–from 2:53 to 2:04 in a year.

I’ve seriously cut back on my cupcake consumption. Big time.

My admiration for Trader Joe has grown exponentially.

One day, I would like to run Boston.

I’d also like to travel back in time and see the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show the first time they appeared. I think this is more feasible than Boston.

Aside from that, I’m more or less the same neurotic, whiny person I was a year ago who is just trying to stick with running for as long as possible and maybe get a little faster?


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Woot Woot! Congratulations on one year. Keep it up – I need the inspiration of people-who-don’t-actually-like-running-but-continue-to-do-so anyway!

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