Entering the Twilight Zone

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 8.57.03 PMLess than 60 days from now I head down to Florida to do the Tower of Terror 10 miler and enter the Twilight Zone! Let’s just hope I don’t come out with a pig face. Even more exciting, the trip is officially paid in full because nothing kills the pixie dust buzz quite like having a balance due when you get to the check in desk, am I right?

I bought my plane tickets on JetBlue, my preferred airline because I have this thing where I like to be able to move my legs, watch TV, and get a snack all at the same time without it costing me an extra $50. Weird, I know. (Never again will I fly United and no one else should either, it’s the world’s crappiest airline.) I’d waited patiently for the prices to go down and JetBlue finally complied so I could fly out of DCA without breaking the bank. (As a side note, if you are flying into DC ALWAYS choose DCA, not IAD. You’re welcome.)

I also called up Disney and paid the final balance on my hotel room: $191.76. The Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation (photos above) are officially sold out for that weekend, along with every single deluxe hotel on Disney property. I was momentarily thinking, “What the hell, I want to stay deluxe!” But fortunately lack of available rooms has prevented me from engaging in this fiscally irresponsible behavior. This is apparently a really big weekend for visiting the World. It’s okay, though, I’ve already started singing the Little Mermaid soundtrack in my office and creeping out all my co-workers who still think I just went to Disney World to do a marathon. Um, yeah, sure.

Originally, I thought someone would come with me but it’s increasingly looking like I will be flying solo on this one… It’s kind of a bummer but in this world where apparently all your friends are too cool to go to Disney and your father’s foot problems prevent him from walking and your mother almost got thrown in Disneyland jail when she wasn’t looking for a Starbucks or a smoking section, you make due with what you have.

From wdwinfo.com

I even went so far as to purchase an annual passholder discounted ticket to the Not So Scary Halloween Party on Sunday night. I know I won’t have my sister to coordinate costumes with since she’s going to Disney with her boyfriend at the end of the month (he was all, “we don’t really have to get up early, right? Um, no, of course not, if you want to spend all your time in line, OMG, sis, where’d you get this loser?), but I really love the Halloween party. This year I’m waiting in line for my picture with Dopey, so help me God, all the other dwarfs can stand in the background. Sorry, Snow, this isn’t a princess event.

I think I’m all set for October! Except, you know, getting my vacation approved…


4 thoughts on “Entering the Twilight Zone

  1. I’ll only fly JetBlue too, love it! Very jealous that you’re staying at Art of Animation I’d love to check it out sometime – I went to Tower of Terror alone last year (it was my first time going to WDW alone) and to be honest I really enjoyed it! Have fun!

  2. I’m traveling with my husband but he doesn’t run…If you want someone to hang around the start line with I’ll be there that weekend… Doing the 5K and 10mi.

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