Runs in the District: North by Uphill

A tip for those of you visiting DC and looking for a running route: North means you’re running uphill. This occurred to me on my 7 mile run. Anytime you run away from the water (Anacostia/Potomac) you’re going to be going uphill and DC has some punishing inclines.

In many respects, the MCM course is a lot more forgiving than the Rock n Roll race was–those bastards made you run up Harvard Hill which is a total pain and MCM has you avoiding some of the steeper inclines.

Japanese Embassy


At Massachusetts and Belmont.

But if you’re looking for something scenic and away from the madness of the monuments and don’t mind a little incline, head up to Dupont Circle and follow Massachusetts Ave north (yes, uphill). You’ll pas some beautiful, scenic embassies and you can test your knowledge of international flags. Cross the bridge and exit onto Rock Creek Parkway for a nice downhill and take the parkway down to the Potomac.


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