Runs in the Distrct

I’m already planning for the fall. I was walking around Georgetown this weekend and last year’s Halloween run through the area was one of my favorites because the police closed streets for trick or treaters and naturally that meant they were wide open for runners.

IMG_2278This year, I’ve already started suggesting to people that we need to do a Halloween run through Georgetown as the cast from the Exorcist.

I love Gtown already regardless of the movie–it has that colonial feel that just makes me think of fall. Most likely because we always did early American history in the fall (hello, Thanksgiving) and what’s not creepy about the colonial period?

The steps are actually a landmark you’ll pass on the Marine Corps Marathon course, right across the key bridge tucked behind a gas station on M street. Blink and you’ll miss them. The house that was used for the exterior is at the top of the stairs on the left with a black fence all the way around.

I always say I’m going to do more runs in Georgetown and not just on the waterfront, but I get lazy. After walking a bit, though, I am reminded of how nice the area is and one of these days I will eventually look around on their campus. Eventually. IMG_2276



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