Sneaker Shopping

People always say the biggest expense in running is the sneakers, so where and how you buy them is really important. The return policy is the most important of all. Typically, once they hit the pavement they’re yours to keep. Forever and ever.

I’m not exactly what one would call “brand loyal.” I’m one of those shoppers who has no problem going to whoever has the lowest prices available that day (or even waiting it out patiently for the price to drop) but I have had some recent success with Roadrunner Sports’ return policy. Namely that I was able to return sneakers nearly 3 months later and get a refund because I decided the Saucony Triumph 10 were not my forever shoe. Or even my right now shoe.

Picture 5

Roadrunner Sports Dog, Spot

They let me ship them back no questions asked and actually gave me a refund so that was pretty awesome. I’ve read some complaints about them online, but thus far I haven’t had a problem and I haven’t noticed any unauthorized renewal of the VIP membership I got over a year ago. And trust me, I monitor my credit card like a hawk. Oh, and you can usually secure a 10% if not 20% discounts without the membership through retailmenot and other sites online.

Being aware and smart about a store’s return policy when you get sneakers, though, is one more thing you can do to cut back on the cost of running. It really is pretty affordable, and going the extra mile (ahahaha!) to make sure you’re not only getting a good price but also securing an out for yourself if you hate the $100+ sneakers you just bought is a good thing, especially for new runners who don’t know what style shoe works for them or for people whose go to shoe has been recently retired.

Where do you buy your shoes?


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