Running Soul Mates

appropriate titled, “Running Buddies.”

She was in town for the weekend and just showed up to the meet up because she was getting ready for the NYC Marathon and wanted to get in a 14 miler. We fell in beside each other about 1/2 a mile in and started talking about training. We spoke the same language of 9+1 requirements, she lived 7 blocks from where I used to live in the city and we shared an academic background, we spoke the common language of people who had lived among and experienced hipsterdom. And then she said her first marathon was Disney World.

The 14 miles flew by and we never stopped talking. We shared shot blocks, chafing stories, and morning pre-run bathroom routines. It was as if we’d been run buddies since FOREVER. Our paces were perfectly matched up and she helped push me uphill when I needed it and I showed her the sites and wonder of DC. We had so much fun we headed out the next morning for a rain soaked 7 mile run so she could see the monuments. I planned a great route for her and we ended a place that prompted her to say, “how did you know I loved this bakery?! I haven’t been to one since my trip to France!”

And then she headed back to New York. As soon as she arrived, she was gone again. That’s the problem with meet up groups in places like DC–you get people just passing through who don’t want to miss their long run training.

So I’m proposing a new website, an eharmony kind of deal but for runners looking for that special kind of love that’s even harder to recreate than run of the mill love: a run buddy match up system. It takes into account your pace, favorite running spots, interests, fuel choices, race choices, running personality and helps you find that person who makes the 20 miler feel like you just started when you’re really at mile 19.

No, seriously, it was absolutely freaky how easy and effortless this was. The conversation never stopped, it never felt strained or forced. It was insanely fun and I finished my 14 miler 40 minutes faster than my 15 miler. We already exchanged numbers, became facebook friends, and agreed to run together in NY–this time she could show me her favorite parts of Central Park. And her hill mantra? “F$#k you, you f#@kin’ f#$k.” I told you, it was a perfect match.


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