Marathon Training Mileage (or how I’m running a lot more)

IMG_2299Feeling exhausted and realizing I needed to rotate in a new pair of sneakers prompted me to compare this year’s marathon training plan with last year’s and do some mileage math. Lots of people I’ve met write their own marathon training plans because they’re confident in themselves and their abilities. The marathon still scares the $hit out of me so I go with a plan developed by a professional (who opts to put their plan on the internet for free, thank you, Hal Higdon).

After looking over my plan I realized I’m at the halfway mark! And that my shoes were definitely due for replacement, as evidenced by the giant holes forming where my pinky toes are. And that I’m doing a lot more mileage a lot earlier than last time around.

At the risk of jinxing myself into a huge injury that requires surgery, I’m not feeling too bad. In fact, Monday ended up being a rest day more so to heal from my epically bad chafing on Saturday than from anything my legs were feeling aside from a giant painful blister in between toes. My first blister in months and I’ve resolved to switch back to toe socks for long runs and invest heavily in generic brand vaseline (and actually use it) to prevent chafing. Note to self: do not forget to pack lots of that in January.

Picture 9And to further celebrate the fact that I’m almost midway through marathon training and not dead yet, Marine Corps Marathon posted their new course for 2013! The course took out an out and back along the canal and replaced it with an out and back on Rock Creek… I think I need an elevation chart to figure out if that’s an improvement or not. In September, I’ll head out and run parts of the course and report back on my findings–I don’t think Rock Creek will be too bad but I haven’t run that far up it and I’m pretty sure there is some kind of incline doing north.

All the more reason to keep my new favorite hill in my regular routine. Just have to be careful not to get hit by a car with diplomatic plates–they’re immune from prosecution.


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