I Love the Nightlife

Lately, with a full time job and marathon training I don’t have as much time to dedicate to my costuming craft as I did last summer when I came up with the tightrope walker from the Haunted Mansion. Plus, without easy access to either my sewing machine or a Joann’s, it’s not as easy to get the materials together and I just can’t buy fabric online.

Plus, with the addition of the Halloween party and my sister’s announcement that she’s going to come, that means I’ve got my work cut out for me–two costumes in addition to my tower of terror not to mention I’m already trying to figure out Wine and Dine and Dopey. (Marine Corps will be a simple, understated homage to Rosie the Riveter.)

I’ve settled on the Cheshire Cat for Tower of Terror. I was inspired by a girl at Wine and Dine last year, so instead of going for an obscure character and sewing a whole lot, this year I’m focusing on making a costume that lights up for the night race (and bringing a post-race change of clothes) and won’t totally kill me during what I’m anticipating will be a hot, humid race. With the night races, it’s hard to see costumes anyway so spending all my energy on small details is probably not going to be the best bang for my buck… Unless I illuminate them! There’s only a 1 letter difference between race and rave.

I’m currently assessing my light up options and trying to figure what’s the least likely to kill me during the race.

I worked out an agreement with my sister–the Halloween party costumes are a surprise. After she waffled about what she wants to go as I asked if she’d be okay with a surprise and she said fine and then the clouds parted, a ray of light came down, and I heard the calypso music playing: Flounder and Sebastian.

The wheels have started turning already, so I’m actually pretty excited to go to Joann’s next weekend and see what I can dig up. As long as I plan and don’t try to do too much, I think I can manage the three costumes/outfits in a month’s time. It’s amazing how quickly it started coming together in my mind, so I’m taking that as a sign and running with it.

Now it’s just a question of whether or not I’ll have enough luggage space for all these no sew tutus…


2 thoughts on “I Love the Nightlife

  1. I love that you did the Haunted Mansion tightrope walker last year! Is there a picture anywhere on your blog?? I tried to look and didn’t find anything.

    I’ve never really been a costume person, but I am doing my first sort of costume (i.e. – running clothes based) this weekend in Disneyland for the 10k (figured I’d try it with a 10k before a half!). Can’t wait to see the fun stuff you come up with!

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