Monday Morning

How I feel right now.

How I feel right now.

In the world of running, if you’re getting ready for a race and following a specific training plan (or if you’re a responsible runner, even if you’re not necessarily doing either of those things) then you have cutback weeks. Weeks where the mileage goes down and you feel like you can catch your breath a little bit before launching yourself into the next phase of training, the next bump in mileage.

The cutback week is basically like Friday and then the bump in mileage is Monday morning bitch slapping you across the face.

I did a 1/2 Dopey this weekend: a 1/2 marathon on Saturday, a 5k on Sunday, and an 8 miler today (so the 10k plus a little extra). I have no idea how I’m going to do a marathon or if my legs will still be attached in January given that I came home and had to get out the ice packs, which I haven’t seen since last December.  It’s that damn 2 month mark… I just need to make it through September and it’s all taper from there, next week is my highest mileage week of training. I can do this. I guess. I mean, we’ll find out.

So to take my mind off the breaking, I started putting together my tower of terror costume. At Joann’s I picked up about 20 yards of tulle and I finally ordered the lights for my costume. I’m planning on being a one woman electrical parade. I kept putting it off and then realized that the race is one month from Saturday and I need ample time to test out these lights. We’re moving into a whole new frontier.


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