Marathons are a commitment for me. I am not a fast runner, I don’t necessarily have the kind of job that lends itself to running in the morning (and sometimes it doesn’t lend itself to night time runs, either), and the mileage adds up for me. Especially now that I’m entering what I like to call “phase III” of my training plan, that third bump in mileage where injuries and pain and aches start to set in, it’s a commitment to keep going. Without a doubt, I’m holding on better than I did in the fall last year but damn, this starts to take a toll. I’m sorry, I’m not at the point where I can run 10 miles every weeknight.

So when it came time to officially sign up and be a club member at the rowing club I rowed with during the summer, I was having commitment phobia. I love rowing but the marathon always seemed to win out. I see other people doing a wide variety of workouts and being fine–but I don’t know, would I have to get up really early to run and then row in the evenings? Damn, people, I gotta sleep sometime. I’m such a slacker, I don’t want to get up early to run! Am I cheating on running if I love rowing more?! Other people are having affairs, why not me?!

As I was hobbling along the Georgetown waterfront during my 8 miler, though, I realized that I was indeed super jealous of the rowers out on the Potomac. Not the stand up paddle board morons or the people stuck in the wake of some large tour boat, but the rowers… The gliding across the water, almost effortlessly. I really missed that feeling you get when the boat stops shaking and everyone is just gliding, with the rhythm of the slide seat you just feel where everyone else is, the breeze in your face, the barking voice of the cox… Then you get back to the dock and no one fell in the Anacostia or got hit in the head with an oar so you’re just like, “Win!”

I see places like CrossFit have rowing machines and I feel really bad for those people–they’re missing out on the best parts of rowing! Morons, enjoy your boxes–I’ll be out on the Anacostia this fall making it work somehow. And in the boathouse, probably putting that waffle maker to really good use.


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