What you can do with your medal

Nike Women's 1/2 Tiffany Neckland

Nike Women’s 1/2 Tiffany Necklace

I finally did it. I was sitting around watching tv and looked down at my coffee table. I realized my Tiffany necklace from the 1/2 marathon in April was sitting in the exact same spot where I’d dropped it um, back in April. Yeah.

So I packaged it up and over the weekend the necklace went off to Medals4Mettle.

I know people love their medals, and I do not judge you for this because I almost assaulted a co-worker whom I believed to be a little too rough with my marathon medal. I’m 99.9% certain I’ll run it again next year, if only because it’s the world’s most convenient race for me, and I have a feeling my Tiffany necklace next year will meet the exact same fate.

It can be hard sometimes to justify paying all the money to run a race if the medal’s the same, or maybe you’re disappointed they’re not changing it more regularly. Especially if you’re someone who knows fundraising is totally not what you excel at but you still want to do something charity related, donating medals is a great way to do that. My Wine & Dine from this year, for example, is probably meeting the same fate–though the kid will probably look at it and say, “Dammit! This is total BS, no kid likes Epcot.”


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