One (or five) steps closer…

Every adult who likes visiting Disney parks has had this conversation.

Coworker (C): “When’s your next long vacation?”
Me: “I’m going to Disney World in January for the marathon. I’m really excited.”
C: “Didn’t you already run that?”
Me: “Yup.”
C: “Do you really want to go back there? Again? Already? Weren’t you just there?”
Me: “Yes, yes, yes, and no.”
C: *Look of total and utter confusion.* “But it’s Disney World…”
Me: “Exactly.”

My coworkers have no idea I’m going two times before marathon weekend or that I went in June or that I had intense pangs of jealousy that I wasn’t in Disneyland this past weekend so naturally there’s no point in telling them all the exciting news about my Tower of Terror trip like… Magic Bands!

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 7.15.47 AMRight now, certain hotels are offering the magic band service since I think it’s technically still in testing so you may or may not get it for your reservation. At Art of Animation, all the rooms are now magic banded so I signed up for mine and got a customized red one! And they shipped! This morning!

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 7.41.09 AMThe thing about the magic bands is that I really hate the My Disney Experience website. Sure, they could make the technological marvel that is anamatronic Abe Lincoln but a basic website that everyone else has mastered that loads in a reasonable amount of time and actually functions… At Disney, it’s still 1993. Long story short, they couldn’t link my annual pass to it so I now have two accounts that are not connected to each other and I can only log in to one of them. “Can’t you just cancel one and I can put my reservation with the other one?” “No.” “Are you serious?” “Yes.”

In other parcel carrying news, the lights for my tower of terror costume also arrived! But I don’t have any batteries so I can’t test them. The tutus for everything are more or less done, one red for Sebastian, one blue for Flounder, and one pink and purple for the Cheshire cat. I live in a world covered in tulle. I got coordinating tank tops at Old Navy and plan on ordering some yellow and red leggings, as well.

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