My Magic My Ass

My Magic+ feelings are just… seething with rage? I’m like freaking Maleficent here and my apartment building is the forbidden mountain. I don’t know. Apparently, the woman who said she was going to fix everything for me on Thursday night decided afterward that she wasn’t going to fix anything beyond what she had done on the phone. And then she left no record of my ever calling.

Awesome. So I call back to figure out why nothing’s changed and I sound like a huge schmucky bitch because they’re all, “we have no record of anything that was supposed to be done on your account…”

And I even wrote a nice email about her to Disney. Because I firmly believe in acknowledging when someone provides great service. I come from a family that believes in a minimum 20% tip. I always stay on the line, even though it’s a toll call, to say how wonderful my agents are and how happy I am with the service they provide. I really want to be a happy customer and I want to say, “thank you for making me happy today!” I say thank you profusely and tell them it’s okay that this toll call is going 60 minutes because I appreciate their help.

And then you go pulling this shit on me and it’s like, I can’t not say something. It’s like when the hallmark channel pulled Matlock, what am I supposed to do? Remain silent to this injustice? This egregious error in your judgement? This total disregard for common decency? What next, you’re going to get rid of the smell of Rome burning on Spaceship Earth?!

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I work with an IT team developing web-based applications and services and the problems I have with this site are basically all things Disney should’ve know about in advance. You shouldn’t be surprised people have hard tickets to to the seasonal parties, YOU SELL THE F@#KING TICKETS, IT’S YOUR EVENT. You shouldn’t create a system that allows for duplicate accounts with the same email address! HELLO, every other website on earth figured that out. And if you’re going to book guests and let them use this system, maybe you should give them some kind of information sheet so they know what the damn deal is with their magic bands and their fastpass+ and whether or not they can even use the fastpass+ option and for what.

I’m getting ready for a marathon, I have a full time job now, Disney, I can’t do all this work on my own anymore. I don’t have the time or patience to keep calling you and nagging people about getting shit done and fixed when you f@#ked it up in the first place.

As if hearing my anger like Maleficent atop her forbidden mountain, I received an email from someone at Disney: Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 9.30.41 PMAnd guess what my first reaction to this email was? Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 9.30.10 PMThat’s right, because I’m not a huge nasty bitch.


One thought on “My Magic My Ass

  1. Their systems are laughable. I have at least three different accounts (DVC, DCL, Shopping…and I don’t remember the Disney Experience ID). I was told a few years ago when I got locked out of one of them it wouldn’t have any affect on the other – but it did because two of those four are connected. Nightmare.

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