C for Cheshire Cat

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 9.33.42 PMIt’s like the races I’m running knew I needed a little pick me up after a crappy run and general malaise. I mean really, DC, 98 degrees today? Didn’t you know Starbucks decreed it to be fall and so we’re obligated to drink pumpkin flavored hot beverages now so my face is not supposed to feel like it’s burning off when I go out a run at 7pm? The best part about running lately is the Massachusetts hill going downhill…. It’s always a race. ALWAYS. I’m sorry, did I say you could pass me? I didn’t think so. Then there are two perfectly spaced lights so you can start racing each other again if one of you falls behind.

Yes, I know I need a life hence why I was really excited about emails!

Party. Right there.

Party. Right there.

First, Tower of Terror has now sent out their final race instructions, their waivers, and their program. What does this mean? It means the party is in corral C and by party I mean me. I promise we can do an acapella version of the Decemberists’ “The Mariners’ Revenge Song” while we wait for the race to start! I told you, party.

It’s pretty exciting stuff, I’m not going to lie to you. The final instructions email included the igoody bag, which necessitates some educating: Mrarthonfoto, telling me you’re going to be on the course doesn’t count as a coupon. Just, FYI.

In other news, the Marine Corps Marathon sent out its September newsletter because the Military likes to keep people abreast of everything and planning accordingly. (We can sing the Decemberists’ Legionnaire’s Lament in that corral.) Today is the first day you can sign up for the bRUNch, a 5k and breakfast the morning before the marathon. If I weren’t deadass broke at this point and permanently indebted to Disney, I’d sign up-it’s only $35 and include breakfast, a talk by Bart Yasso (I can ask him where my September issue is) from Runner’s World, and the finish line is the marathon finish just 23.1 miles sooner, how awesome is that?

I’m thoroughly psyched and ready to go. I’ve even tweaked my training plan so I’m doing three 20 mile runs instead of 2 and this time I going to legit taper instead of not running for two weeks before the marathon. Lofty goals, people, shoot for the stars.



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