Looking Forward to Fall

The temperature in DC has been in the high 90s the last two days, so way to f@#k with me Mother Nature. Thankfully, the temps are supposed to go down by the weekend so I can long run in peace and tranquility without having to lube everything up to prevent chafing all my skin off.

It’s the little victories.

As I sit here on my couch listening to Christmas music (and you thought pumpkin spice lattes in August was ridiculous) I know what I’m looking forward to in fall:

  1. I can walk to work without developing noticeable pit stains before I even arrive in my office.
  2. Hey, guess who doesn’t have to keep remembering to shave the aforementioned arm pits? Yup. No more unsightly discoveries when I go to put a tank top on (not that that stops me from saying, “eh, it’s running, I’ll just remember to keep my arms down!”).
  3. Major Crimes, Rizzoli and Isles, and Dance Moms are in repeats but I’ve got new episodes of Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, Supernatural, and so many more shows! (Yes, I said Supernatural twice.)
  4. RunDisney race season. I think that’s self-explanatory.
  5. Hurricane season. Sure it means massive power outages and terrible conditions but last year Sandy also meant two days off of work so basically the adult equivalent of a snow day and since I live in a city and in the vicinity of the White House I didn’t lose power.
  6. Paid holidays. Every month. Distinctly unlike summer.
  7. Birthday. Get out your Turkey ice cream cake, Carvel, this girl’s birthday is coming up. My favorite meat and version of turkey going on 20+ years now!
  8. Halloweentown and Twitches because at heart I’m still in middle school and love these movies. And too much of a chicken $hit to watch actually scary movies.
  9. I think it’s socially acceptable to make stuffing now and I fully intend to do that-here’s to getting through fall without bacon.
  10. Fall races. With the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, the Marine Corps Marathon and Wine and Dine I’m ready to get my race on and hopefully not die of heat stroke in the process.

That’s right, 10 things right there that I love about fall and the word “pumpkin” didn’t get mentioned once because as we all well know, pumpkin is the best part of fall so why discuss it?


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