Running in the Rain

I was never a rainy day runner. I make no effort to hide the fact that I’m a fair weather runner and rain has, in the past, sent me scampering to the treadmill. Remember, I skipped the Superhero 1/2 this year because there was rain (and good Lifetime movies on but the rain sounds less pathetic). Unfortunately, after a summer of running in 97 degree heat I’d rather go outside in the rain than be stuck in that hell hole pit that my apartment building calls a gym. I know, who would’ve thought the outdoor heat would win over a treadmill?

No, seriously, I don’t think they even turn on air conditioning down there. It’s so hot and it’s so uncomfortable with no air that after 2 miles I was just like, “Can’t! No! Going outside.” So how do you make peace with rainy day running?

  1. Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 9.32.57 PMThink of it this way: You were going to get wet by sweating anyway so you might as well get wet with rain water. It’s a run, it’s a shower, it’s a runwer! Like shampoo and conditioner in one.
  2. Visors. Hat, visor, whatever. It’ll keep the rain out of your eyes and you’ll appreciate it immensely. It goes a long way towards making the run more pleasant.
  3. If you’re a sweater like I am, people already think you ran outside in a downpour (no, really, someone congratulated me on my rain running and I couldn’t say, “No, I’m just a sweaty pig”) so you’ve got to earn that street cred.
  4. Maybe avoid the really muddy, trail areas.
  5. Remember: there’s “I’m a badass I run in the rain” and then there’s “I’m a f@#king moron running in a hurricane and I hope I don’t get blown away or struck by lightning.” Tread the line carefully.

It’s really not that bad. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to roll out my quads like they were a pie crust and just get nice and cozy with my compression sleeves–those are my tell for “I’m desperate and in pain and the wheels are coming off please something help me.”


6 thoughts on “Running in the Rain

  1. Wait, your apartment building has a basement pit too? If one of the treadmills is constantly getting stuck in the maximum incline position, then I might almost suspect we live in the same complex.

    I salute you – that was one helluva storm yesterday.

  2. I’ve always been told “you’re not made out of sugar, you won’t melt” when it comes to running in the rain. But those people are wrong. I am, indeed, made of sugar.

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