Are we there yet?

It’s getting close to Disney World time. I’ve been waiting 9 months for this!

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 7.46.43 AMI received my Magical Express vouchers in the mail the other day plus they UPS overnighted me a 1 page description of the MyMagic+ system (total waste of money but whatever). This is a system that hates me and refuses to work.

I now have not one but two sets of magic bands neither of which I am sure will work.

The My Disney Experience page now tells me that my (annual) park pass is not good in every park, only the Magic Kingdom so I can’t get fastpass+ for anything else. If I want a fastpass+ I have to call them on the phone to make it or change it or whatever it. And that means waiting on hold for 10 minutes.

And they claim my pass expires in 10 days even though it’s actually good until October 15th and I was going to renew when I went down there in two weeks so the fastpass+ selections I made over the phone, I don’t know if those are going to get canceled or something?

If I had a dollar for every time someone in Disney IT said to me, “yeah, I have no idea why this is like this… [on hold for 20 minutes] I asked my supervisor and they don’t know either. We can’t fix this,” I’d be able to stay deluxe for the next six years. If I had a dollar for all the time I spent on hold with these people I could just move in to Cinderella Castle. It’s not just that things don’t work, it’s the fact that no one is able to fix them or if they are, they’re not able to do it quickly and efficiently.

In fact, I loathe this system so much at this point that I have taken to tweeting about how much I dislike it. And I even dislike tweeting.

And I broke two photocopiers and a printer this week. Consider me totally magic-less.

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