You are about to enter another dimension…

10 days until the Tower of Terror 10 miler weekend.

It is time to transition into Disney mode. Namely, this means putting away my Decemberists’ playlist because any more of their music and I will crawl into a hole in a forest sobbing and only hope that even though my death is not the result of a tragic, doomed love Colin Meloy still decides to write a song about it and uses some esoteric vocabulary to make it sound much more whimsical. It could happen (Colin, think a more folksy, DC based version of Eleanor Rigby).

The phases of Disney trip preparation inevitably include the requisite movie marathon. This time, the featured film is, of course, the 1997 classic: Tower of Terror, starring none other than acting powerhouse Steve Guttenberg with the supporting role played by Kirsten Dunst. So you know that this is a pretty amazing movie right off the bat.

Oh, wait, what’s that? No, there’s not an actual episode of the Twilight Zone that has people getting lost in a hotel elevator. Never happened. But, since this IS the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler, it’s only appropriate that we incorporate some Twilight Zone episodes into our viewing. Allow me to curate a few for you if you’re unfamiliar with the show because I do indeed own the complete series on DVD box set and like to start out every single new year with a Twilight Zone marathon that has me seriously depressed and disgusted by society:

  1. A Stop in Willoughby – Ever feel like your job is driving you crazy and your home life is no better? Make a stop in Willoughby.
  2. Number 24 Number 12 Looks Just Like You/Eye of the Beholder — Angry you don’t look like everyone else? These episodes provide you with excellent solutions to that problem. beholder
  3. The Obsolete Man — What purpose do you fulfill in society?
  4. The Hitch-Hiker — Nan is trying to escape a sweeper of her own, and if her’s catches up she’s got bigger problems than whether or not she gets a medal.
  5. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street — Be careful who you lash out against. And please, no firearms.

There are a lot more episodes, but these are some of my favorites and some of the more famous. I actually used The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street to talk about American culture and the political climate of the post World War II period. Much more than its 1950s predecessor, Alfred Hitchcock Presents a television series that was equally creepy but much less science fiction based, the Twilight Zone doubles as social and political commentary, a warning for what could happen, “not a future that will be but one that might be. It is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one” (just watch Deaths-Head Revisited).  So I encourage you to watch it actively and engage with the content, there’s a lot to think about and it continues to be socially and culturally relevant.

And creepy. Don’t forget creepy.


7 thoughts on “You are about to enter another dimension…

      • You’re just so excited about the episode you counted the body model twice. And why wouldn’t you? It’s one helluva great episode!

        Incidentally, and stepping outside of the Disney sphere for the briefest of moments, have you ever seen Madagascar? Because there’s a bit where one of the lemurs holds up a book with the title TO SERVE LEMUR and screams “IT’S A COOKBOOK! IT’S A COOKBOOK!!!” And then I laugh FOREVER.

      • YES!!! And I remember that episode of the Twilight Zone because I remember to getting to the end and being HORRIFIED and I heard that and found it hysterical. No one else knew what I was laughing at, so it was like an inside joke with myself. We have the best jokes, me and I…

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