Marathon News: New NYC Marathon Sponsor and MCM E-Cards

1379738_10151678204257409_1572173773_nStarting next year, gone is the ING New York City Marathon and in its place the TCS NYC Marathon. Or the TaTa NYC Marathon.

*insert awkward pause here for people familiar with American English and its slang*

I lived in New York during the height of the ING marathon so I associate the NYC Marathon with the colors blue and an orange so neon that it basically singes your retina. I can live with the new ad but of course as it was announced in the NYRR facebook page people started getting pissed.

Which is really not saying much because who isn’t pissed at NY roadrunners lately? Or the NYC marathon? Or just life in general? Get in line, people.



Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 9.06.57 PMIn not totally unrelated but still incredibly exciting news: Numbers are out for the Marine Corps Marathon!!!! I received my e-card from MCM and discovered I am actually right smack in the mid 15,000s. It’s almost time and maybe this number is just what I needed to get me going again. Who else was really excited to get their number and thinks their corral is actually probably somewhere in the middle of nowhere Virginia and about 3 miles from the start line? Cool, I’m not alone.

Last but certainly not least, the Disney Parks Blog unveiled the new Tower of Terror 10 Miler merchandise on their website this week and I hate all of it! They want me to keep my money and I’m just so happy about that you have no idea! The burgundy shirt is just plain hideous with that seems and the kind of blah design. I can totally live without buying something.



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