Fun Time

I’m getting back on track with my runs. And by back on track I mean I’m actually going outside and running and I have the foul smelling laundry to prove it. (And may I just add that when you get back from a racecation please exercise caution opening your suitcase filled with dirty laundry.)

I did 6 miles today and I ran watchless. That’s right, I didn’t use my garmin. I actually run enough now that I don’t need something to tell me when I’ve reached a certain number of miles–I know the distance right down to the crack in the sidewalk that is the 6 mile mark. It’s a gift. I tracked nothing, I didn’t even think about my pace. I just ran it how I felt it. I was a beatnik runner.  The people at the Cote d’Ivoire embassy yelled, “Good job, girl!” as I ran past them and then a very nice secret service agent at the Naval Observatory said, “You know this is all uphill, right? Go to the right! It flattens out!” I headed left where the road keeps going uphill and heard him yell, “We’ve got a crazy lady!”

What makes Tuesdays great, though, is that funny shows are now replacing the overabundance of procedural police television and Tuesday is a great day to watch television. First up, Brooklyn Nine Nine which is hands down my favorite new show and I laugh hysterically at it all the time because Andy Samberg is amazing and it totally makes fun of all the cop shows. Yes, Law & Order has a special place in my heart and on my DVR but if you haven’t seen this show you need to give it a try.

Second, The Goldbergs. I was skeptical at first because I’m not crazy about the idea of a throwback show set in the 1980s but honestly it’s basically my family and the mom reminds me so much of my own mother it’s amazing. (As one kid said, my mom’ll be driving me to the bus ’til I’m 40! Given that I’m almost 28 and my mother still has heart failure every time I say the word “car” I can totally relate.)

Third, the return of everyone’s favorite gynecologist: The Mindy Project! I do love this show and I’m so happy they brought it back. I think we can all agree Mindy Kaling is a genius.



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