WTF Fridays: A Crazy Thought

garmin2This week I’ve been running watchless. In fact, for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler I turned the watch on and then just didn’t look at it for the whole race. Me and myself, we were having a conversation that went something like this:

“Hey, I’d like to run a little faster now…”
“Okay, let’s run faster.”
“Hey, I think I’m gonna hurl can we slow down a sec?”
“Alright, roger that.”

As opposed to the usual conversation which is just the watch yelling “OH MY GOD YOU SLOW STUPID PIECE OF $HIT GO FASTER!!!”

And I’m starting to think… Maybe I’ll do the Marine Corps without a watch. Or maybe I’ll wear it as a safety blanket and just not turn it on… Maybe I’ll free myself of the watch. I can do this. I seriously think I might do this.

Anyone want to join the no watch club?

12 thoughts on “WTF Fridays: A Crazy Thought

  1. I accidently forgot my watch completely at my last half marathon and I ended up running a pr just by running how I felt. Plus there were pacer s so it was kind of like cheating. So I think you will be good not wearing one!

  2. I skip wearing my watch on my training runs a lot. And then I was running a half last spring and realized about a half mile in that I forgot to press the start button on my watch. Whoops. It wasn’t a huge deal but then I sat there trying to do math in my head as I was running when I past time clocks.

    Doing math in my head when I’m NOT running is difficult so that was damn near impossible.

  3. I do a few of my runs without a watch during training so I don’t become too attached to it. I’ve also ran a few races without one and it is really liberating. I say if you’re thinking about it, give it a go! 🙂

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