Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 8.36.16 PMOkay, you may have heard on the MCM Facebook page that, you know, because of the semi-government shutdown the marathon might be cancelled and that the 19th is the deadline for figuring out if the race will be on or not.

Everyone, including the congressional aid across the hall from me, is saying there’ll be a deal tomorrow. I swear I asked her in the most nonthreatening and totally non-confrontational fashion possible. It wasn’t like I cornered her at the end of the hall screaming, “don’t fuck with my marathon!!!!” People should know better than to mess with tapering runners.

If it were cancelled, which I don’t think it will be, I promise to set up an aid station on Rock Creek Parkway with a huge sign that says “You run better than congress!”

I tend to be among the more neutral and moderate people I know. Amongst my socialist friends I’m William F. Buckley, and among my family I’m Karl Marx. Listen, don’t let anyone bullshit you and say that a law’s a law and you shouldn’t be challenging it or speaking against it if you disagree with it. But this shutdown was a total farce and everyone knows it. Stupidity wasn’t limited to the Republicans, either, the Democrats did their own fare share of stupid crap.

All this is to say, go forth and run. I’ll be there on the 27th, I got nothing better to do.


4 thoughts on “Cancellation

  1. I imagine that there will be a mass of people running on Sunday regardless if it is “sanctioned” or not, which is one of the million reasons runners are the best.

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