I’d Like to Thank…

On the We Run Disney blog, she ran through all the people who have made her marathon training possible.

Let’s see who I could thank…

someecards.com - Thanks for not noticing that my hobbies are all thinly veiled suicide attempts.Mom: I’d like to thank you for constantly belittling my desire to do another marathon and your refusal to ever learn what 5k or 10k is in miles (or even the actual distance of half and full marathons). For your words of encouragement such as, “Why do you need to run? It’s not like you’re going to win.” And of course my personal favorite for when I’m home, “come on, just sit on the couch and we’ll go get Chinese for dinner later.” Without you I probably would’ve been a much more active, athletic person by this point. But let’s be honest, your insistence that I couldn’t do this was a huge motivating factor.

Dad: Um… Thanks for saying you’d make me a medal rack someecards.com - Thanks for setting the bar so lowand then never making it? And regaling me with stories of how you allegedly were all city in track and field? And of course for always telling me to never get fat again.

To both parents: Thanks for driving me to races and never getting out of the car (except that one time at that 5k, thanks dad, otherwise I wouldn’t have known I run funny). You kept the pressure super duper low.

My Sister: Thanks for rearranging your dining schedule while at Disney to accommodate my races, especially when you missed that Le Cellier reservation because my marathon took too long. And your motivational phrases like after my first sub 1:00 10k when you said, “really? It took you that long?”

To my whole family: I’d like to thank you all for pointing out how my running has greatly inconvenienced you when I’m home. I’ll just take that to mean you’d rather I spent the time with you!

someecards.com - Thanks for the courtesy like on my Facebook status.My friends: Thanks for the halfhearted “congratulations,” and for never running with me, but letting me inspire you to run so you can post on facebook how you run faster than I do now. And for always asking me the deep questions like, why do I do this and could I possibly have a mental disorder? Because you’ve read studies about this…

My Running Buddies: I had two great long runs with two great people but aside from that I’d like to thank all the people who left me behind to do their own thing.

And To All of You Reading This: Thank you for reading my bitching and adventures in attempting to run. The Beatles were right, it’s a long and winding road but you get by with a little help from total strangers who are more enthusiastic about your running than your actual family.

Who are you all thanking at the end of your races?


7 thoughts on “I’d Like to Thank…

  1. Naturally it would’ve been better if you’d been able to thank people for actually encouraging and helping you, but I gotta admit, the snark can be more fun to read… πŸ˜‰

    You should run with me. Then YOU can feel speedily superior! πŸ˜€

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