Thanks, Canada!

The Marine Corps Marathon runners would like to take this moment to thank the sponsor of this cooler than normal temperature: Canada. Local weather stations are saying temperatures could be as low as the high 30s for the start of the race. Canada: where “low 30s” is actually still pretty warm so stop bitching!Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 7.33.54 PM

This forecast is actually pretty exciting, especially given that I was running in disgusting heat and humidity all summer. I’m one of those people who heats up really quickly, so anything in the 40s is where I’m borderline getting into something with maybe a sleeve to run. Whoa, whoa, not jacket weather. I spent a winter in Minnesota after all. (And I never turned the heat in my apartment above 55.)

IMG_2559Originally, my plan was to buy the circus daze sparkletech skirt that I had been eyeing since she announced it for Dumbo Double Dare Weekend and then over the weekend I got another of my go to race day necessities: the scoop neck tank top from lululemon. I know, I basically wear this outfit to every. single. race. because it’s just that amazing. The blue in the skirt perfectly matches the tank top! It’s perfect. And adorable. And like the running equivalent of getting to wear your pajamas to work because it’s just that comfortable.

Unfortunately, the cooler temperatures are telling me maybe the tank top wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had but summer running has made me wary of clothing in general.

The chafing. It was traumatic and it usually happens with short sleeve shirts so I’m either committing to sleeves or not. The other option is to wear layers but I don’t really own anything I’d be willing to just toss and never see again because I like the stuff I own and I would like to keep it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to continue scoffing at this idea of rungry while I eat my entire kitchen repeatedly saying, “I’m just SO HUNGRY.”

What’s everyone’s go to cooler weather clothing? How can I layer without loosing stuff I bought and like and want to keep?


11 thoughts on “Thanks, Canada!

  1. I usually go with the old tech race shirts that are too big or really ugly and I would never really wear. I wear it until I am warm and then ditch it on the side of the road near a waterstop. I also use those dollar store stretchie gloves and again toss those. Basically my lowest layer is my tank top and shorts and I eventually end up there anyways since I run hot. I do, however wear high socks year round, so that really doesn’t leave much leg exposed

  2. I am totally stressing about the same thing! As of right now I’m thinking tank and arm sleeves because I don’t think I’m going to want a long sleeve shirt for the entire race. I went and bought a cheap ($6) long sleeve shirt from Old Navy, it’s cotton, but I figure if I need a few miles to warm up it’s comfortable to run in, but it’s cheap enough to toss. I also have throw away gloves and I’m still debating between capri leggings or long.

    Honestly, this has been the toughest race to figure out clothing for! Disney races are a no brainier – hot as hell, wear as little as possible!

    • I think the cheap shirt is the way to go. I have a sweatshirt I can toss that I cut up the front so I can pin my bib underneath and it’s easier to take off and I kept my tin foil blanket from the Nike race so I can wear that to the corrals… This is definitely a better problem to have than the runDisney races where I’m just freaking out of heat stroke.

  3. I think the best way to toss layers without throwing them away is by handing them off to a friend/family member that is spectating. Have them wait for you around the mile marker where you think you’ll be warmed up. You can then toss them your clothing and keep going 🙂

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