News Flash: MCM Expo

I went over to the expo to pick up my number today after work. I ended up getting out on time, which rarely happens, so I decided to brave the long lines of a just opened expo and get it over with.

Guess who had no lines? Guess who got to walk around the expo just fine?

Yup. It was as expos should be. The downside: there will probably be long lines tomorrow and Saturday. To get into the bib pick up tent and to get into the expo itself, you have to go through two separate rounds of bag checks and metal detectors. They had barricades set up to accommodate long lines, but be warned in advance. I could see that taking awhile.

And there was a complimentary samples buffet! And a marine told me, “No, no, miss, don’t even look at the medium! Small or extra small for you!” Best. Moment. Ever.


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