Pearls of Wisdom on Running (from my mom)

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 8.11.47 PMDisclaimer: I actually do love my mom I just can’t take her out in public too often…

This weekend’s pearl of wisdom from my mother on running went something like this…

Picture it: I turn down my parents’ street to finish off my 8 mile run. The house windows may or may not be open when I suddenly hear the sound of my mother from inside the house…

Is she cheering for me? Congratulating me on a good run? When I finally make out what it is my mother is saying I realize it’s not cheering so much as it’s her sage words of advice that all the neighbors can hear.

“Hey, Asshole! Next time you better take your god damn phone with you!”

*insert plaintive wailing sound that only mothers can really pull off to demonstrate their exasperation and frustration with their children’s stupidity.*

Safety first, people. Safety first.


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