The 2013 Marine Corps Marathon

It’s a little bit like Christmas is over and now I don’t know what to do with myself. Oh wait, I know what I’m doing with myself, getting ready for Dopey in two months! Ahahaha. How silly of me.

IMG_2576The Marine Corps Marathon was, hands down, amazing. I loved the race, I loved the crowds. When you run in a sparkleskirt, people don’t just cheer for you, they cheer for your skirt. It was a great experience, totally different from Disney World, but in a lot of ways that were good different.

This marathon was fueled exclusively by Swedish fish. I’m not even kidding when I say that. I brought a waffle for breakfast because I forgot to get a bagel but it was a pumpkin spice waffle that I just wanted to throw up immediately upon biting into it so I turned to the Swedish fish I bought the night before. I split the bag in two, ate half before the race and the rest I ate some at each mile marker up to about 15.

Metro wins for fail of the day. The line to get on the blue/orange line back to DC was insane (they closed the Rosslyn station at one point because there were just too many people). Fortunately, the circulator came to my rescue and we took that back into DC with no wait!

I did in fact eat the munchkins. Both of them. They were delicious until I wanted to throw them back up.

and award for best cheering section goes to...

and award for best cheering section goes to…

I also greatly appreciated the weather. I ran in a tank top and chucked my sweatshirt and tshirt at the start. It was cold enough that I didn’t end up getting warm until about mile 20. I suspect that helped me keep moving. I am happy I went with the tank top. My mom met me at the finish, and I couldn’t have been happier. She thinks my doing marathons is ridiculous and stupid, but in the immediate aftermath she can’t help but be super proud and call me “my little marathoner!” IMG_2581And, ps, the people want a marathon with fewer hills. No, seriously, I speak for the people when I say that.


16 thoughts on “The 2013 Marine Corps Marathon

  1. Yeah! So glad you had a good race! I LOVED Marine Corps and like you said the weather was perfect, couldn’t have been better!

    I hate that post-marathon blues feeling…there is such anticipation and then all of a sudden it’s over and you have to go back to real life, it’s so hard! At least in Disney you can wear your medal around for a few days and still feel excited about it!

    And the hill. Wow, the hills. I sort of ignored the fact that I knew it was going to be a hilly course during my training and just didn’t bother with any hill training so I’m actually surprised at how well I handed them. That being said I could have used a few less of them.

  2. Wow and congratulations!!! I always think of the Marine Corps Marathon as “the one Oprah ran.” (Also, I have yet to beat Oprah’s marathon time.)
    And yay for Swedish Fish! The majority of my last (well, and first) marathon was fueled by Haribo.

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