Wine and Dine Time!

Once the agonizing pain of the marathon passed, I was all set to start thinking about Wine & Dine. So, basically Monday morning I had the suitcase out and I was ready to pack. Yup. I can almost go down stairs like a normal human being again! Take that, co-workers. There was a certain satisfaction in going to work the day after the marathon and hearing someone complain about their new pilates routine that left them so sore and being all, “oh really? I just ran a marathon yesterday and I feel great (but please don’t ask me to go down a step…).”

DSCN0232This time, we’re staying at the Boardwalk inn because normally I say it’s no big deal if you skimp on the hotel but let’s be honest, there’s a great sense of joy that comes from being able to walk from France to your bed at 4am. At that time, nothing seems further away from the World Showcase than the Epcot parking lot. Nothing.

And you know, there’s the bakery. So that’s pretty awesome.

Last year I went for the labor intensive but totally unrecognized French kid from it’s a small world. This year I opted for the I-totally-forgot-I-don’t-have-a-costume-shit-get-something-together choice of… Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 7.46.27 PMIt came to me in part as the result of a conversation with my boss where I just realized that the relationship between Capt. Hook and Mr. Smee isn’t entirely out of the norm. Sometimes, you need to tolerate the bat shit crazy ideas your boss has because that’s what you’re paid to do.


6 thoughts on “Wine and Dine Time!

  1. This costume is too cute! I’m staying at Beach Club for the same reason, we did it last year and it was SOOO worth it at the end of the night!

    I feel like I have barely thought about Wine & Dine with it being so close after Marine Corp, I can’t believe it’s only about a week away!

    • right? We were at the Beach Club last year and literally the first rooms when you leave Epcot. Carrying my creme brulee and limping ever so noticeably back to the room was amazing.
      Now that the marathon stress is over, I’m ready to just be plain psyched for Wine & Dine.

  2. I wish I had saved up the bones to shell out for an EPCOT-area resort for this trip, but I’m at an All-Star because I decided to splurge on Marathon Weekend in January instead. But I’ve been regretting it ever since I got into the meetup … which is supposed to go until midnight and “DISNEY TRANSPORTATION WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.” What the helllllll.

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