Superhero 1/2

So one of my favorite halves is open for registration again! The May 18, 2014 Superhero 1/2 Marathon (my first ever half) in Morristown, NJ is open for registration. Until tomorrow, November 1, registration is $45 then goes up to $50. It’s a great race, you pick your superhero, and you can potentially turn it into a double header if the New York Roadrunners hold the Brooklyn Half on Saturday again (I’m really going to do that this year, I swear!). It’s also NJ Transit adjacent so you can actually take the train out from the city without killing yourself (you know, renting a car or whatever).

Plus according to their facebook page they might change the double loop course which means you’d only have to go up some killer hills one time! Victory!

Great crowd, well organized, affordable, and loads of fun. You really can’t loose with this one. 601354_334170660050849_1258072266_n


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