Runs in the District: Halloween in Gtown

This was my second year in DC on Halloween so now I have what can be called an official “tradition.” The tradition (and I invite DC metro people to join me next year) is to go for my run through Georgetown. Why? Well, one could say the Exorcist being set there sets a good tone for the holiday. But also, people in Gtown actually get into Halloween almost like it’s Christmas–people decorate their houses, sit outside on their stoop with a giant bowl of candy in one hand and a giant glass of wine/beer bottle in the other, and it’s fun.

People insist on giving me candy and who am I to fight them on this?

One woman set up a fortune teller stand in front of her house and handed out candy and fortunes from inside. (No, the dude in the white-ish shorts, polo shirt, and white sneakers is not in a costume. That’s just Georgetown on an unusually balmy night.)

I headed out dressed as Minnie Mouse because during the month of October I spent too much time thinking about other things so I forgot to get my Linda Blair night gown with green stains all over it. There’s always next year. Next up: the holiday lights run!


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