Mere Hours: the Excitement Builds!

There are mere hours standing between me a Disney World and now that I’m flying JetBlue I honestly don’t mind the flying part because my vacation starts with Greg Kelly. It’s amazing how television has the power to placate me, especially when it’s NYC local TV so I can watch Good Day New York with GREG KELLY. He’s the most amazing news anchor ever. No, really. He’s what I miss most about living in NY and the NY metro area. Love you, Greg.


Thursday I will spend being lazy and doing random things. I’m hosting my own meet up because I was too lazy/disorganized to get into the runDisney one so by meet up I mean, you know, stuffing my face at the Boardwalk Bakery around 3:30pm and people watching. Feel free to join me (tweet me @paradeinpink if you want to stop by) because it’s going to be a great time and I will be complaining about how my knees are bothering me, so feel free to bring your injury baggage. I haven’t been to the newly renovated bakery before, so this should be very exciting.

from here.

Usually, the water slides at Disney scare the crap out of me because they’re enclosed and I am convinced I will become stuck in one. That inevitably leads to terrible things and an embarrassing youtube video. However, the slide at the Boardwalk looks like it’s not actually enclosed at all so once you get past that creeptastic clown (and the possibility of being transported to another dimension) I think this is something I need to do. So I plan on hitting the pool while I’m there and holding on to my halter bathing suit. For what it’s worth, I think the person that decided on the halter top never had to wear one because they are not only unreliable in terms of staying in place but they kill my neck.

Of course, the food & wine festival and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are givens. It may only be early November but I’ll be damned if I’m missing out on any of the festive fun. Sunday night: Osbourne lights, here I come!


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