The Best Part of Vacation

IMG_2763Of course, the best part of a race vacation is coming home and opening your suitcase to the fermented odor of clothes that have been trapped with your putrid, disgusting running clothes for a few hours. It’s one of those times you feel compelled to put your laundry in the washing machine and perform an exorcism because only the power of Christ is getting rid of the smell. You know your vacation priorities have changed when you wish you had a villa in Disney World because those have washer/dryers and wouldn’t that be amazing?! YOU CAN DO LAUNDRY IN YOUR ROOM ON VACATION! The pinnacle of luxury.

When I could still walk

When I could still walk–apparently like an Egyptian.

My favorite characters on the Wine & Dine course were Katherine and Danielle. They’re both pretty awesome, Danielle insists on doing push ups with the green army man and Katherine went to the meet up so she’s basically a runDisney celebrity now and in my eyes she doesn’t need a skirt to sparkle.

The Wine & Dine again left me in pain–by the 10k mark my IT band and knee were killing me and I couldn’t walk without a lot of knee pain afterwards. I even spent 40 minutes just sitting at the medical tent after getting ice saran wrapped to my knee. (FYI there was a really good looking medical tent volunteer who can saran wrap my knees anytime.)

I learned some valuable lessons. That some people can bounce back from a marathon really quickly and run the next weekend and maybe even do another marathon the next day and that I am not one of those people. I learned that wearing a winter hat in Florida in November is not that good of an idea. I also learned that “moisture wicking fabric” is a load of crap. Everything was soaking wet for hours and I should’ve brought a change of clothes. (Another lesson I learned!)


7 thoughts on “The Best Part of Vacation

  1. Haha, thanks for the shout out! I’m so glad I ran into you on the course (thanks to knowing what your costume looked like!).

    So, I went and did my pushups with the green army dude and he actually got down and did them with me! I was SOOO excited for the picture, seriously best race photo EVER! And OF COURSE the guy that “took” it for me hit the power button instead of the button to take the photo and turned the camera off! UGH! I was SOOO mad when I realized about a half mile later, I was borderline tempted to turn around and run back!

    Sorry to hear your IT was bothering you (but glad you got to hangout with the cute medical tent volunteer!) and I’m pretty sure that they need to invent a new SUPER moister wicking material just for Florida humidity, it’s a whole different ball game down there!

  2. Hopefully your knee and it problems clear up soon. I am also not one to recover fast after a marathon. It usually takes me about 6 to 8 weeks to feel normal. I have that same horrendous stench problem with race clothes except it happens in my hamper. Maybe i need one with air holes. Let that shit breathe.

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