Burnt Like Rome

Darkness falls across the land except the midnight hour is nowhere near at hand. I hated the heat but I think the darkness is more maddening. It’s 4:30 and pitch black and all I want to do is go home, put on my pajamas, and curl up on the couch. The cold isn’t what bothers me about winter running, it’s the darkness and the fact that I feel like running alone is basically casting myself as the victim on an episode of Criminal Minds. Wine & Dine has left me… Well, not looking forward to Dopey in January, that’s for shit sure.

This has combined with being burnt out to make me start looking around for other winter time options, in no small part because Disney leaves me feeling fat and bloated every time. The gym at work keeps sending out emails telling people to get washed and wear deodorant, so that’s out. The treadmills in my building have proven without a doubt that a Snookie and JWoww marathon is more painful than an actual marathon, so nope. But gyms are expensive and I, well, I’m cheap and broke right now.

The temporary solution: LivingSocial is doing 1 month at NYSC/BSC/WSC gyms for $24. This is legitimately the only way I get a gym membership. I don’t pay “initiation fees” and I sure as hell can’t commit to a 1 year contract, so this has been my method of belonging to a gym for about 2 years now. I’m kinda, um, what’s the word? Oh right, flaky. I tend to get over it about 5 minutes after I shell out the money. Like that three pack of barre classes I bought? I signed up, forgot I signed up, and then lost the money. Yup.


8 thoughts on “Burnt Like Rome

  1. I can totally relate, the only reason I teach one of my yoga classes is because it’s at a gym and I can use the gym for free! I prefer to do my running outside, but it’s nice to have an alternative on snowy/ice days!

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