Okay. I’m seriously considering not doing Dopey.

I would say it was just burn out, but here’s a rundown of what I’m currently processing.

  1. My sister got herself a stress fracture in her foot from Wine & Dine. So she’s saying she definitely won’t do the 10k in January and possibly won’t even come. This is not helped by that nasty demonic mother of mine who keeps telling her “Come to Florida in February and stay with us! Won’t that be great?!”
  2. My work schedule now says I should be in the office on Wednesday, at least in the morning. That doesn’t really leave me time to pick up a bib. It’s negotiable, and technically my project will be 99% complete but… Yeah.
  3. Financially, if my sister doesn’t come I need to re-evaluate what I’m paying for the hotel. I would change the dates, but I already bought a plane ticket that severely limits my options.

So, yeah. That’s where I live right now. I’m not even thinking about how much the registration itself cost and that it would be $70 to defer plus what I lost on my nonrefundable plane ticket, or the fact that I haven’t done a long run aside from W&D for the last two weekends.

hahahahaha. Thanks, mom, for always trying to convince me to not do anything.


18 thoughts on “Seriously.

  1. Awww. I hope you end up doing it! It’s hard when life gets in the way though and financially it is a lot. I personally think you’re totally fine not having done a long run since W&D though, remember you just did a full marathon less than a month ago, you still have a lot of that conditioning!

    I’m a little burnt out on running, so I’ve sort of reassessed my Dopey plan and have pared it down to the bare minimum amount of running I need to do to finish the races – since I’m not running for time, just for fun I think it’ll be totally fine!

  2. Don’t defer. Come hang out with me for the full and the half. I plan on riding Expedition Everest twice and plan on taking a pitstop for funnel cake and a margarita to cross the finish line with for the full all under 5 hours!
    I’m doing Nike as well so we can use this a training run for then πŸ™‚

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