Playlist: We’re Gonna Go Far!

Okay, so I’ve mentioned that I am not immune to just enjoying a little early 2000s pop music. It’s been well documented that I’m actually a huge Decemberists fan. Re-listening to the Decemberists reminded me how 75% or more of their songs involve violence against women in the form of rape or murder. Robin Thicke isn’t the only one with songs that can be described as “kinda rapey.”

But now that I’ve come out of the pop music closet, I’ll introduce you all to something I was never ashamed to say I listened to in high school, college, and beyond: Le Tigre.

Listening to Le Tigre means you can work out to great music and have your own socially conscious fuck-the-patriarchy party. It’s a pretty amazing combination. I don’t usually dance in public, but as an undergrad I went to many a Le Tigre show and had my own dance party. The Hairpin has a recent interview with Kathleen Hanna.

Once upon a time, I was an intern at a fashion magazine (Nylon) and they interviewed Le Tigre so I got their new album weeks before it came out. I was the coolest person ever–I had connections. That almost made up for that being the crappiest job ever. Almost. So, if you’re going to include Le Tigre on your playlist, here are some suggestions:

  1. My My Metrocard (perfect if you’re running the NYCM)
  2. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
  3. TKO
  4. Deceptacon
  5. Keep on Livin’
  6. Hot Topic

See also: bikini kill

Any other Le Tigre fans out there?


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