Inspiration leads to perspiration

You know how lots of people have the turkey trot tradition and it’s actually the day of the year with the most races? Well, I have a no turkey trot tradition. My personal religion requires I strictly adhere to the principles of sloth and laziness on a holiday. Hence my wearing pajamas. FYI I wore a very flattering, very comfortable pair of gray and white polka dot flannel PJs purchased new from Target. So cozy.

Long story short (too late!) (bonus points if you know what movie that’s from…) the only marathoning I did this weekend was the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. I’m still enraged over that one time they only showed ONE of the movies. What bullshit. Fortunately, this time I was able to settle in for two whole days so I kept my spot on the couch nice and warm and by Saturday night when Harry was fighting Voldemort for the final time (let’s finish this the way we started… together!) I had basically become one with my parents’ sofa. Don’t worry, everyone, I’ve been training for this for years.

This isn’t something you can just do. There’s fueling (chips? pretzels? popcorn?); there’s pacing–should you dvr and try to skip commercials? Bathroom breaks. If you don’t have a dvr, you really can’t afford to get up just before an important piece of dialog but you might want to time it so no one sees you sobbing as Dobbie dies in Harry’s arms. I interspersed the movies with the Hitchcock marathon I taped off AMC on Friday–The Birds is hands down my favorite movie ever.

I was so inspired by Jenn’s 12 miler on the treadmill, though, and so completely horrified by my sloth filled weekend, that I decided to go out and actually run. So 9 miles later, I say thank you, Jenn, for inspiring me to perspire. The whole time I just asked myself: WWJGD.


11 thoughts on “Inspiration leads to perspiration

  1. Harry Potter weekends are the best! I think Dobby dying was a lot more dramatic in the book…what really got me was Snape though, especially after Harry goes in the pensieve. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get over that for at least a week. Nice job on the 9 miler!

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