Definitely Dopey

It’s going to be painful. It’s going to be unpleasant. But I’m definitely doing Dopey because that’s less painful (apparently) than just paying the $70 deferral fee.

Damn you Disney.

IMG_2614Dopey_DocI’m 100% certain that I will leave that weekend as the 8th dwarf, Gimpy, but that’s okay. I’m staying at the Boardwalk and if nothing else, Dopey means I can eat the fried ice cream, the Mickey shaped pretzel, and still go to Beaches and Cream for dinner for their falafel sandwich and a giant order of onion rings AND fries.

That’s right, I said onion rings AND fries. Because not only does Dopey mean I don’t have to pick between the 4 major race distances, it means I don’t have to pick between my two favorite sides. And isn’t that the greatest gift of all?

Just looking at that picture I’m getting hungry and nostalgic for sitting poolside at the Beach Club with a tasty falafel sandwich. And my sister’s only doing the 10k, so Sunday afternoon I can send her over to get my food for me when I’m completely immobile! Thank God for siblings.

ps- I am most likely going to be the only person who comes away from this weekend having gained weight. But that’s okay.


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