Runs in the District: Festive Lights

I’ve told you Georgetown gets all dolled up for Halloween and they hand out candy, but for the Christmas season I once again brave what I lovingly call panda mountain for Zoo Lights!

Admission to the zoo is free, so admission to zoo lights is also free with some pay-per-activity options like fake tubing or something. I had a 5 mile run scheduled and it turns out the zoo is an almost perfect out and back and as usual, the zoo was not at all devoid of runners.

Needless to say, zoo lights was pretty awesome. Almost as amazing as the fact that there was no line at all in Trader Joe’s. Almost. It’s definitely worth adding to your run route if you’re in the District over the holidays or if you live near the red line and want to get away from your treadmill for an evening…¬† You know who you are.


9 thoughts on “Runs in the District: Festive Lights

  1. There’s a park at my moms house that does a several mile drive through of lights like this! I love it, we go every Christmas Eve!

    I was totally reminded of how much I love the Georgetown/ DC area when I was down there for MCM, I really need to take a weekend to come down and do some touristy stuff sometime.

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