long runs, man, they’re long

I ended my long run feeling like I was on top of the world. I got through 19 miles around my parents’ neighborhood, which basically amounts to running the same stupid, steep hills over, and over, and over, and over again. No, seriously, it’s impossibly to find a spot that is not somehow sloping and I did it faster than my same run during the fall. For a break, I literally ran a cul-de-sac that measured 5/100ths of a mile 10 times.

It was even an educational experience as I learned many a great lesson, specifically that if I wanted to save my knee for this stuff I needed to literally walk the downhills because otherwise it was shot. I even woke up the next morning not sore at all. AT ALL. And guess who’s knee wasn’t killing her!? Yeah, I can walk downstairs. I felt like a marathon person who’s all, “what? Yeah, I just did 19 miles this weekend, no biggie.”

And then I saw other people’s long runs and felt total crap because I was (comparably) super slow and they were super fast and I was all, “wtf, I wanna be fast!” So I went to the treadmill last night and busted my hip trying to be fast only I wasn’t, I was merely propelled forward by the rockin’ beats of the Spice Girls and their encouraging words that told me to “spice up my life.”

Long story short: I started out being very wise, learning important life lessons and ended by being my usual stupid self. This was cemented when I realized I left my oven on all weekend.

Go, me!

Coming up: the countdown to marathon weekend (or how it got cold and I learned to be excited about going to Florida)!


4 thoughts on “long runs, man, they’re long

  1. Yay! So glad to hear you go through the 19 miles feeling great and your knee isn’t bothering you!

    Ignore all those fast people that complain about being slow. It annoys the crap out of me when people post about how “slow” they are and complain about their 7:30 miles – they are just looking for someone to say “Oh, you’re not slow! You’re amazing! I love you! I wish I was as fast as you!” I rarely post times because of that…I may feel like a run was slow & sluggish at a 10 min pace, but others would LOVE to be running a 10 minute mile! We’re all crossing the same start and finish line and that’s what matters!

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