Weather the Storm

I’ve read in places that an important part of having a blog is figuring out your niche; what kind of void you fill. I like to think that here at Pink Elephant on Parade, I strive not so much for inspiration, but rather I leave you feeling good about what you’re already doing. After all, we all know the best kind of marathon includes either Law & Order or Murder, She Wrote.

With the recent dip in temperatures, other bloggers are telling you about their runs in inclement, cold weather (aka winter). A bunch of people running around pretending they’re Canadians who can handle this crap. I don’t understand the metric system or Celsius on principle (I’m American) but I know -22 degrees in any temperature measuring system is too. damn. cold.

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 7.24.15 PMYou know how I dealt with the frigid Minnesota winter? I moved to the mid-Atlantic region where we have winter storms that leave absolutely no snow on the ground. NONE. There is literally no snow anywhere in DC right now and yet everything was closed today because we saw flurries and everyone started screaming, “SNOW!!! CLOSE EVERYTHING!” I’m not over dramatizing-not only were the offices of the federal government of the United States closed, but so was a Starbucks. A STARBUCKS. Shit just got real, people.

I went out and ran not once but twice, 5 miles on the treadmill while there were flurries and then 5 miles around 3 pm. Outside. Where the storm had taken place.

You can still call me a badass but it’d be kinda inaccurate. If there actually were snow on the ground, or snow falling from the sky, I would’ve stayed snuggled inside in my Kermit pajamas eating TJ’s pecan pie ice cream straight from the tub and grossing out the other people in the gym with my incredible ability to sweat a disgusting amount.


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